Vintage Prom Dresses—Go Back in Time to Find Your Perfect Gown

What is a vintage Prom dress?

Vintage means that the dress will reflect what era it was considered to be fashionable. It is the retro look and has become popular as a very unusual fashion statement. Back in the 1960’s, bolero tops and goucho pants made wearing pants to the Prom more fashionable. In the 50s, the style was a full length gown and a shawl. Your accessories should match the gown and the era.

What are the pros of picking a vintage look.

If you find that your mother or one of your relatives still has their prom dress you will save a huge amount of money. Vintage dresses will turn heads. Little handbags or purses were always a necessary addition to the look and should be just large enough to carry little things like some mad money, lipstick and small camera or cell to capture moments of the night. You can widen your choices by wearing a more vintage dress. There are many different eras you can choose from when it comes to picking out a vintage dress.

My relatives do not have any dresses, where do I find a vintage prom dress?

The dress you choose may depend on your budget. The dresses from other eras were very well made. These are now a little pricey in most cases but will really depend on how rare the dress is and the condition of the dress. The search for this type of gown will be a little more difficult so you may want to get a friend to help. Most vicinities have vintage clothing stores for these types of occasions. Take a look at the different styles of dresses to get a good idea on the availability and how they fit. Developing a relationship with the employees may be a good way to find a dress, because they can alert you when something from your era comes in. They will also have a really good idea about other dress sources.
In the higher class areas there will be thrift shops that will be likely to have the designer gowns that were worn for one evening and the donated. This is the best place to find a vintage dress. There is always room to barter the prices on the specialty gowns that offer these styles of vintage gowns. If you are lucky enough to buy a dress for a little less than the price they list, you might have enough to buy the proper accessories, such as shoes and a clutch purse. Don’t forget the accessories need to match the gown and so does your hair style for the night of the prom and your make up.

Can you find Vintage Dresses On the Internet?

There are websites that specialize in selling vintage dresses. There are many auctions where you can bid on the dress you want and this should save some budget money. The earlier you order, the better. The dress needs to be shipped, and take into account time to be altered. This all takes times. Look at delivery charges and shipping times before you purchase anything online. While you are on the Internet spend some time researching the era that you choose to be sure you correctly match your hair styling and make up to the era. Once you find the dress that will best fit your type of body, you will be ready to turn a few heads.

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