Styling woes to avoid on your wedding day

A wedding day comes just once in a lifetime, meaning you have a lot of wedding planning to do to ensure they momentous occasion goes off without a hitch. While you might be worried about seeing your creative wedding ideas shine through, it’s just as important to consider your look on the big day. You might think you have your hairstyle, beautiful wedding dresses and makeup all picked out, but there’s no way to tell if all of these things will stand up on the wedding day. Luckily, a few been there, done that brides recently discussed what they would have changed on their day in terms of style, so you won’t have to face the same challenges. 

Cute (uncomfortable) shoes
Sure, that pair of sky high stilettos might look fabulous with your gown, but if your feet start aching and throbbing within five minutes of wearing them – you need to put them back, one bride shared with Huffington Post. Even though you will likely slip into flats or flip flops at the reception, it’s just as important to feel comfortable as you make your way down the aisle at the ceremony. Let’s face it – you won’t want your biggest memory of the event to be your sore feet. 

According to It’s a Bride’s Life, there are a few styles you might want to look into as they tend to offer the most support. Sling backs are a great option as they leave little change of heel rubbing, while the strap could help keep you balanced throughout the long day. Picking up items like heel liners can also make wearing higher-than-normal heels more comfortable.

Heavy gowns
You might be crazy about that custom ball gown you tried on, but before saying yes to the dress, you might want to consider your wedding date and how well you tolerate being hot. For example, if you’ve been looking at garden wedding venues for spring or summer, it may not be the best idea to opt for a heavy gown as you’ll likely start sweating in a flash. Instead, you could consider a lighter option, or look into getting two dresses – the one you’re crazy about and a shorter reception gown – to have your cake and eat it too.

Hair in the face
Gorgeous soft curls are a common trend for bridal looks, but if you’re the type of girl who likes to throw her hair up as soon as it gets hot, a fully down look might not be the way to go. Instead, you could decide to go for a half-up style that will keep your locks out of your face, or even a more dramatic updo to ring in your new life.

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