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When you’re dealing with guest list drama, having trouble sticking to your budget, or trying to diffuse bridesmaid blowups, it can be hard to keep the big picture in mind. You’re certainly not alone if you’ve fleetingly considered just throwing in the towel and eloping instead during those challenging times. But planning a wedding isn’t always a major pain in the neck — some parts are just downright fun. Here, our five favorite parts of the planning process.

Telling everyone you’re engaged

Sure, some people ask annoying questions. But there’s nothing quite like hearing the excited shrieks, seeing the happy tears, popping champagne with your loved ones, and getting 100+ “likes” on your Facebook status update.

engagement photo

Photo Credit: Sweet Little Photographs

Touring venues

This is the moment when the wedding starts to feel real. When you find the right venue, you’ll start envisioning yourself actually walking down the aisle and making your first twirl around the dance floor as a newlywed.

waldorf astoria new york

Photo Credit: John Labbe / Wedding Planner: Preston Bailey

Shopping for the gown

Yes, it can also be a stressful experience, but how often do you get to try on so many beautiful gowns in one day? And the moment when you find “the one” and start to really see yourself as a bride is simply the best.

shopping for wedding dress kleinfeld bridal

Photo courtesy of Kleinfeld

Cake tasting

It’s the one time you won’t feel the slightest bit guilty about cheating on your pre-wedding diet — it’s important research, after all. Don’t be afraid to ask for seconds!

cake tasting

Photo Credit: Nikki Stroud

The night before

After months and months of planning, you’re bound to be feeling a number of different emotions on the night before, from panic-inducing nervousness to can’t-sleep excitement. But the moment when you say goodnight to your fiancé, knowing that you’ll wake up the next day as a bride, is indescribable.

wedding bride and groom

Photo Credit: Ciara Richardson

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