Wedding Gown Terms: Hem Lengths Find trends in wedding dresses |

Hem Length is just one a the decisions you will need to make as you make your wedding dress selection! The hem length is the length from the waist to the hem line in front – trains are not included! Now, you are thinking, how many can here be? Floor length and…. what else is there! Well, it may surprise you to know that there are actually 6 common wedding dress hem lengths!

Floor – A floor length wedding gown is pretty much exactly that. It reaches to the floor, and usually just the tips of your shoes will show. This is the most common length for a wedding gown and most likely, you know about this one already!

Tea – A tea length wedding gown falls to about mid-calf, and this is currently the second most popular choice for today’s modern bride. This length was popular during the war and depression years, when fabric was scarce. Now, with the growing popularity of beach weddings, casual weddings and garden weddings, tea length gowns have made a comeback!

Intermission – This skirt is also called a Midi Length, and falls between the knee and mid calf area. A tall bride may find that a premade tea length falls to intermission length instead.

Handkerchief Hem – This is similar to a Tea Length, but is made of panels, ending in points at the hem. This gives a jagged, layered v style hemline with the longest points reaching mid-calf.

Street – A street length wedding gown falls just below the knee, slightly shorter then an Intermission length.

Mini – A mini skirt ends above the knee. Wedding gowns with a mini skirt often have removable overskirts as well.

Of course, floor length is still the most common and easiest to find. Tea length gowns are becoming much easier to find with most designers offering a few styles at tea length. Minis are also available, though most will have the overskirt option. If you are interested in a Intermission, handkerchief, street or plain mini, you may need to look in non-traditional locations like a dress boutique or in the prom gown section, but this will also be much more affordable! A Tea Length White Prom Gown will often have a much lower price then a wedding salon would charge as well!

Today’s brides are much more willing to take a risk, and so all 6 hem styles are acceptable choices! I suggest trying at least 2 or 3 different options, as most brides are very surprised by what they prefer once they have them on!

Wedding Gown Terms: Hem Lengths Find trends in wedding dresses |

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