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make upWhen women get engaged, they dread being called the dreaded B-Word: Bridezilla. We’ve all seen reality TV shows that depict crazy women throwing tantrums left right and center when things don’t go their way and vow that there’s no way we’ll be this way when we plan our own weddings, but how can you be sure?! Here are a few warning signs that might be able to catch you before you’re in too deep.

#1 You’re Not Very Empathetic
Your motto seems to be, “My way or the highway!” to others, but you don’t see it that way – you just think your ideas have been the best of the lot. While it’s fine to say, “This is my day!”, other people’s feelings and needs also need to be taken into consideration. If your fiancé doesn’t like the colors you chose, or your mother is hurt you’re not wearing a piece of jewelry she wanted to pass down to you, use this magic word… compromise! Come to a compromise that will make everybody happy.

#2 You Don’t Find Time For Anything But the Wedding
You’re not giving anything the time of the day that is not wedding related in some way. The only thing you talk about is the wedding, and everything revolves around wedding details. You’re giving yourself, and everybody around you, wedding exhaustion. Here’s how to stop it: make sure that one night a week, you have a night with your fiancé where you don’t talk about the wedding under any circumstance; call your mom once in awhile to talk to her and find out how she’s doing without bringing up anything wedding related; set up a lunch date with your BFF where you focus on what’s going on in her life. Make sure that you continue to maintain the relationships that you have.

#3 Nobody Is Taking Your Calls
You’ve been trying to reach wedding-related people for weeks, but nobody will answer their phone, or return a text message. It’s not them – it’s you. Everybody has more going on than your wedding (like, their own lives, for example) and may begin to resent you if you forget about that. To assure that your choices during wedding planning don’t have repercussions for after, please be considerate of those you involve in your wedding.

#4 You’re Unrelenting
Of course, you have a specific vision for the wedding. Most of the time, though, sacrifices and compromises need to be made for a multitude of reasons. If you’re refusing to compromise your vision even though that might put you out of house and home, you’re falling off a steep cliff. Back away, before it’s too late. Of course, this is a special day, but remember, it’s not worth the destruction of your life.

#5 Your Registry Total Is More Than Your Wedding
The total amount of money on your registry reaches an astronomical proportion that is out of consideration with your guests and the amount of people you’ve invited. Here is some tough love: the gift is the presence of your guests, not the presents they bring with them. If they do bring presents, that is a sweet gesture that should be thanked profusely for, even if it’s not the brand new camera you put on your registry. Don’t be a spoiled brat.

While your wedding is incredibly special (no argument!), it is just one day. Make sure that you don’t do anything that could ruin that one day, but more importantly, that could make life beyond that one day awkward and difficult for you. If you keep that in mind, you can avoid falling in the Bridezilla trap.

5 Signs You’re Becoming A Bridezilla |.

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