101 Social Media Etiquette for You and Your Wedding Guests |

So you’re getting #married! And because it’s all about social media these days (let’s be honest; social media has taken over the world) it is only normal that you, the bride-to-be, share your happiest moments on your social media networks.


Many brides and grooms are sharing their weddings and don’t mind the entire buzz. But believe it or not, there are a few social media etiquette rules you as a couple and your wedding guests should take into consideration.


Here are 7 Social Media Etiquette Tips for you and your partner:


  1. Tell Your Family and Friends First: Announce your engagement to your close friends and family before posting it on Facebook or Tweeting about it.
  2. Changing Your Relationship Status: There is no right time to change your status or last name (if you are doing so) on your social media networks. You and your partner decide whenever is best for you, whether it’s now, later or never.
  3. Don’t Ignore the Paper Invites: Yes you can send your ‘Save the Date’ and pre-wedding party invitations online, but your wedding invitation cards should always be sent the traditional way.
  4. Encourage Your Guests to Share: Inform your guests that you are OK with their sharing your wedding pictures and details on their own Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, etc.
  5. Share Your Own:  Want to post a picture of your beautiful ring? Go for it; just keep the cost and carat a secret.
  6. Don’t Complain: Do not share your wedding drama and bridezilla moments with your guests, keep a happy vibe to it.
  7. The Wedding Tweeter: You might be able to tweet or update your Facebook status once or twice on your wedding day, but don’t overdo it. We don’t think a bride should be stuck to her phone on her wedding day.


And Here are 3 Social Media Etiquette Tips for Wedding Guests:


  1. Keep it to yourself: If the couple has not yet announced their engagement or wedding plans on their social media networks, don’t congratulate them online. Wait until the couple is ready to share the news themselves. Send a private message, call them or congratulate them in person.
  2. Sharing the bride and groom’s pictures: Always ask the couple if they are OK with you sharing their wedding pictures.
  3. Don’t share your wedding planning questions: Yes the bride is your best friend but send any wedding related questions in a private message.