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As the list gets longer and longer and your ideas keep growing new ideas you find yourself with a lot of new additions to your wedding day. More foods, more flowers, more guests, and like most of us more stress. But, let’s imagine you can’t plan your wedding, you can only have one item. Everything else will be things that are beyond your control. What will your “must have” item be on your wedding day? We asked our lovely ladies what their item would be and the responses were fun, stylish and charming.

A rather large response was that of “the groom” which, let’s face it, is the second most important thing to have at the wedding besides the bride, by far. As the wedding day approaches, many brides, like Katie start getting a little nervous and fear being stood up at the alter. This is a common feeling in people when they are excited and anticipating something that they can’t entirely control so fears of something going wrong well up inside. Try to relax, focus on other things and if you have a fiancé like Katie he’ll show up on your wedding day even if “radioactive flying monkeys kidnap him”.

Many brides look for a keepsake that they can carry with them and pass down to someone special in their life when the day comes. Jessica’s must have is her grandmothers charm that she was given and Katelyn’s must haves are antique broach hair combs with a rich history. Originally, the antique combs were a gift on the wedding night of the woman she bought them from. The woman had tucked them away on and forgot about them until many years later when her husband found them in an old box of perfume bottles, he put them on her dresser and died the next day. Katelyn will always hold a piece of their love and time in her heart.

Lastly, our ladies mentioned shoes. Not those sexy amazing stiletto heels but shoes that offer you one thing: comfort. Being comfortable is really important to many of you. Whether you plan on wearing them throughout the reception and ceremony or if you plan to switch into them as the day wears on and your feet get sore or tired, it’s a good idea to have a backup pair especially if you’re not accustom to wearing heels.

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Wedding Day Must Haves |.