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Since the strangest things always happen at the most inappropriate times, here’s a little help in diverting those crises and keeping the day running smoothly.By Charlotte Ann MooreScenario: It’s the final minutes before your walk down the aisle. Your maid of honor gives you one last, quick hug before she makes her entrance. As she turns away, you are both horrified by the sound of her pantihose ripping.Scenario: You and your groom anticipated a romantic, enchanting spring ceremony. What you didn?t anticipate was your wedding day coinciding with the highest pollen count of the season.Weddings are always full of surprises. Most of them are pleasant; however, the strangest things have a way of happening when you are the least prepared. Pack these items in a carry-on bag labeled ?Wedding Emergency Kit? and keep it handy on your wedding day. You never know what disaster you?ll be averting! Non-allergic makeup remover Makeup/eye shadow/mascara Hair products: gel, hair spray, combs, pins Tampons/pads/painkillers Facial tissue Cold/allergy tablets Travel-size sewing kit including an assortment of safety pins Pantyhose/dark socks for groom and groomsmen Nail glue/polish/remover/file Earring backs Toothpaste/mouthwash/breath mints the small kind Cotton balls/swabs Antacid tablets Deodorant/body powder Cologne/after-shave/body lotion Instant glue/mini-stapler Extra car keys!

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