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For pregnant brides, bridesmaids, and guests, weddings and any formal occasion can be an opportunity for high stress in the wardrobe department. Remember that scene in Jennifer Lopez’s movie The Backup Plan, an expectant and stunning JLo squeezes into a too tight dress and rips the seams when she bends down to pick up a tube of lipstick?While that sort of thing only happens in romantic comedies, it does provide a cautionary tale against wearing pre-pregnancy clothes after you’ve begun showing.Here are some tips to look and feel amazing for formal occasions:PickDresses that do not accent the waistline, such as shifts, subtle A-lines, and Empire styles. If you’re usually small-busted, you can show off your new curves in a slight V neck or scoop neckline.AvoidAnything that accentuates the waist and dresses that are too tight, stiff or bulky. Heavy fabrics might not drape smoothly over your lump, which will make you look even bigger.Remember• Draw attention away from your middle with open necklines.• Monochromatic looks are the most slimming. This is not the time to try out color blocking.

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