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When choosing bridesmaid dresses, it is the bride’s privilege to select the colour and type of fabric of the bridesmaids’ dresses so that it compliments the brides’ gown. However, consideration should also be given to the bridesmaids’ styles and personalities, figure types, skin tones as well as their budgets.

The Internet is a wonderful resource for finding bridesmaid dress designs and the latest trends in bridesmaid dresses. Take one or two of your bridesmaids out shopping and see what styles they like.

Then, once you have narrowed down a few bridesmaid designs, take the other bridesmaids out to make the final selections. This approach shortens the time spent looking for the perfect right bridesmaid dress.

So you have found the perfect bridesmaid dress, now what?

Size me up!

The first thing to do is to have all of your bridesmaids professionally measured and fitted. Unless you are hiring bridesmaid dresses, retailers typically only carry samples in stock for sizing and ordering. It’s best to avoid having to deal with incorrect dress sizes, which involves either having to wait sometimes weeks for new ones to come in, or paying for alterations.

Try on each dress prior to ordering, to ensure that you have selected the correct sizes for all the bridesmaid figures as sizes often vary between styles and manufacturers.

Time to order

Wedding fashion styles continuously change and manufacturers constantly update their designs. It’s therefore recommended that you order your bridesmaid dresses as soon as you have decided on the colour and design you like to avoid the style or colour being discontinued or no longer available the next time you visit the store.

It’s also best to order all your bridesmaid dresses at the same time. Fabric dye-lots can vary and if you order the dresses at different times, the dresses may be from different dye-lots and may not all have the exact same colour intensity. When the bridesmaid dresses do come in, arranged them next to each other to check that they are all the same colour prior to leaving the store.

With different manufacturers having different lead times, you will also want to leave enough time for alterations if required. Allow at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding.

Leave enough time for a second and possibly third fitting in case the dress still does not fit quite right. Many bridesmaids wait until less than a week before the wedding to pick up their dress only to find out it doesn’t fit well and there’s not enough time to have it altered or sent back.

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