Different Types of Bridal Lace Used for Wedding Dresses

The Different Types of Bridal Lace

Re-embroidered Alencon: One of the most popular types of lace for weddings. It is also one of the most expensive. Re-embroidered Alencon lace is embroidered Chantilly lace. It is a heavy duty type of lace; capable of handling large quantities of crystal, glass and beaded embellishments.

Chantilly: Features flowers and ribbons on plain netting or organza. This is the most inexpensive type of lace made.

Duchesse: Belgian lace , made in Brussels and named after Marie-Henriette, Duchess of Brabant. She was also later queen of the Belgians. It is a bobbin lace motif.

Guipure: A Needlepoint lace made with a heavy buttonhole machine stitch. The motif pattern lay-out is on a coarse mesh net. A French bobbin lace.

Ribbon: A cord of ribbon is used to draw and tie together two opposite edges at random over netting or mesh.

Schiffli: This lace is a type of embroidery, which is made by modern machines now but, evolved from the hand version of yesteryears.

Spanish: Is a Venetian needlepoint lace. The Spaniards imported this lace from Italy in the 1700’s. Designed with flat roses on a tulled-mesh background.

Venetian: Otherwise known as Venetian needlepoint lace. The motif of this lace is a combination of acute-angled points, individually worked separately, then linked together by a narrow band or “footing” stitching, with buttonholing.

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