Elie Tahari Sexual Harassment Claim Lawsuit (Vogue.co.uk)

DESIGNER Elie Tahari has been accused of sexual harassment by a former employee. The lawsuit – said to be seeking several million dollars for the complainant, Marcy Castelgrande – asserts that the employee was dismissed after reporting the harassment to the company’s HR department.”Tahari’s recently divorced CEO, Mr Tahari, unlawfully and inappropriately touched Ms Castelgrande in the area of her private parts while she was modelling a skirt before a public crowd of at least ten people,” the lawsuit states, Page Six reports, and goes on to claim that the designer told the assembled employees following the incident: “She needs to leave. I can’t work with her. She is too sensitive. I’ve had lawsuits in the past and cannot deal with another one.”Tahari and his eponymous brand – which the lawsuit claims achieves over $500 million a year in sales – have as yet made no comment on the accusations.

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