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Even if you’re not a fashion blogger with thousands of trusty Instagram followers, you want to look your best on social media. No surprise, it all starts with your outfit. How do you think all of your favorite street style stars rack up so many likes on their photos? Turns out, there’s a method to the madness.Researchers at University of Toronto compiled information from #OOTD site and arrived at a formula for the ultimate outfit success: select pastel shades or black separates β€” whether fancy or casual-chic β€” and your go-to accessories, including sunglasses, a bag, and heels, and then find a bold background to stand in front of.When you’ve checked all of these items off your list, your ensemble has the potential to become a viral hit. On that note, read on to see 17 Instagram looks that are totally #winning β€” at least, according to science.

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