Darius Cordell | How to Tell the Difference Between Silk & Polyester

There are many tell tale signs that differentiate Silk from Polyester. The easiest is just from vision.  Silk, when held up to the light, will have a subtle sheen and slightly change color in the light.  Polyester will show a white sheen no matter the angle.  When this isn’t so obvious and you just aren’t sure; take a close look at the weave of the material.  Polyester will have a very even and meticulous pattern that has virtually NO flaws.  Natural Silk on the other hand is just that… NATURAL! It will have a flaws here and there, as well as variations in pattern and be imperfect.  But lastly, if you still are on the fence, flip the material over!  Silk will have the print on both sides, while 9 time out of 10, Polyester only have the print on one side.  Silk will show through because the color bleeds through. More times than not, Polyester is more dense and won’t allow the color through. Let’s not forget to check the tag for 2 reasons: 1 – check the material if you simply are uncertain of the product, and 2 – check the price! Silk is about 10 times more expensive than any Polyester material! The larger the price $$$ the more likely you are buying real Silk.

Source: How to Tell the Difference Between Silk & Polyester | eBay

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