This Billionaire Couple’s Wedding Was Over-the-Top Insane

Move over, Prince William and Kate Middleton. This wedding is as royally insane as they come. (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might as well not even try to compete. Sorry, guys.) When Karen Karapetyan, the son of an Armenian real estate billionaire, recently tied the knot with social media maven Lilit Karapetyan, the over-the-top nuptials featured larger-than-life canopies of fresh flowers, bedazzled everything, dance floor fireworks, and a 15-foot-tall wedding cake. Clearly it was a casual affair. Billionaires do it big, y’all. And this wedding was no exception. The Daily Mail reports that the couple’s 200 guests (including a couple members of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner-circle,

Source: This Billionaire Couple’s Wedding Was Over-the-Top Insane

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