What You Don’t Know About TLC’s ‘Say Yes To The Dress’

One of TLC’s most popular shows is Say Yes to the Dress. It takes place at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan. The employees at the store do whatever they can to satisfy a bride’s every whim. Kleinfeld claims to have the largest selection of wedding dresses on earth, and over 200 employees help brides find the perfect look.

The show mixes fashion with drama and, of course, tales of love. But not everything turns out exactly as you’d expect. There are some behind-the-scenes secrets and other tidbits about the show and the store that may surprise you. Check out some interesting facts about Say Yes to the Dress

If The Gown Doesn’t Fit, Simply Sue

Bride Randi Siegel-Friedman sued New York bridal salon Kleinfeld Bridal (the setting for Say Yes to the Dress) for $12,000 in 2017. She said the boutique refused to give her a refund for a custom-made gown they designed. A few months before the big day, Seigel-Friedman claimed the dress didn’t fit well and the fabric was wrong.



She opted to wear an off-the-rack gown instead. When she went to the bridal boutique to collect her refund, the store refused. So the bride filed a lawsuit. It’s unclear if she received any compensation for the discarded gown.

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