When it came time to read the wedding vows, this bride read her secret husband’s texts instead

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the biggest days of your life. It’s up there with graduating from college and having kids, and it’s meant to signify a new start in life. However, things don’t go always go to plan. You spend so much time preparing for the special day that it’s almost impossible for things to perfectly. That’s the problem with having high expectations, although you’re not exactly going to go in there expecting the worst.

Unfortunately, some weddings are ruined by things far worse than out of place flowers or missing rings. Those things are tiny compared to what one woman went through the night before her big day. She was beyond excited to marry the love of her life, but a couple of strange texts soon changed all that. Faced with a huge decision she didn’t want to make, the bride walked down the aisle looking more like she was at a funeral than a wedding. Before anyone could ask why, though, she revealed the reason in the most shocking fashion.

A confession to make

“If getting married is supposed to be a happy occasion, why do I feel so sad?” That’s probably what was running through this bride’s mind as she saw her fiancé up at the altar.

A confession to make

Mere hours earlier she’d been ready to call that man her husband, but now she wasn’t so sure. Something was eating away at her that she had to get off her chest, and this was the perfect time to do it.