Why Sarah Ferguson Will Make History at Princess Beatrice’s Wedding

Sarah Ferguson will make history when her oldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, ties the knot to her fiancé, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, in 2020.

The 59-year-old is set to become the first official mother of the bride at a royal wedding, thanks to a recent law change.

Earlier this year, British parliament passed a bill that allows the bride and groom to include their mothers’ names on the marriage certificate. In past years, U.K. churches only recorded the fathers of the couple.

So, when Ferguson’s younger daughter, Princess Eugenie, tied the knot with Jack Brooksbank back in October 2018, she wasn’t included on the marriage license. Her husband, Prince Andrew, was.

The news comes just one week after Princess Beatrice revealed that she’s engaged to the real estate tycoon. Mozzi popped the question in early September 2019 during a romantic vacation to Italy. He proposed with a stunning 3.5 carat round brilliant diamond. The gem is set on a platinum band and surrounded by tapered baguettes on either side.

Shortly after the news broke, Ferguson celebrated the announcement on her official Twitter account. “I know what a mother feels so I have tears of joy. I am so proud of this sensational news,” she wrote. “Andrew and I are just the luckiest people ever to have two great sons in law.”

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Codes

Planning a wedding means that there are a million decisions to make, and little details to iron out. One detail that often gets overlooked is the wedding dress code. Sure, you’ve thought about what you and your partner will wear, but what about your guests? We know, the idea of assigning a dress code may seem a little outdated, but trust us, it’s not! Dress codes not only ensure that your wedding guests look cohesive with the event as a whole, but it also helps your guests be confident and comfortable in the ensemble they decide to wear. There are dress codes available for any and every occasion – but for weddings, here are the dress codes you need to know:

Helpful Tip: When choosing your dress code, it is best to have a venue booked first, this way you can adjust the dress code to fit the venue accordingly.  

1. White-tie

White-tie is the most formal option and not very common–think royal ball. Men are required to wear tuxedos with tails, or a tailcoat, and of course–a white bow tie. Women are required to wear a floor-length ball gown-a gown that is fitted through the bodice and then flares out from the waist into a bell-shape. Some white-tie functions also request that the women wear long gloves, past the elbow. For a wedding guest, it would be acceptable for a woman to wear a floor-length evening gown with a little less fullness–it would be in poor taste for a guest’s gown to be more voluminous than the bride’s. That being said, if you are a bride and you are hosting a white-tie affair, be sure to go big! We’re talking princess-level ballgown with the dramatic train and cathedral veil complete with children to carry it.

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2. Black-tie

Though not the most formal dress code, black-tie is still a formal affair. Men are expected to wear tuxedos but may choose a more modern design (without the tails). Black ties are a must. Some sources will tell you that it needs to be a bow tie, but these days a black necktie will do just as well. Women are expected to wear a formal floor-length gown, there are no requirements on color or silhouette. If you are hosting a black-tie wedding make sure that you, your partner, and your bridal party adhere to the dress code as well: meaning, the men are in tuxes and the women are all in floor-length gowns.

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3. Black-tie Optional or Formal

If you don’t feel the need to be super strict with your dress code, consider this option. Black-tie optional, or sometimes referred to as “Formal”, is a very considerate way to host a formal event without requiring your guests to purchase or rent an ensemble just for your wedding. It allows men to wear either a tuxedo or a dark suit. It is recommended that men wear a white shirt with their dark suit to mimic the look of a tuxedo. Women are encouraged to wear floor-length evening gowns or formal cocktail dresses. For a black-tie optional event, we would recommend that women opting to wear a cocktail dress go for a midi-length hem. For couples that are hosting a black-tie optional wedding, we recommend that you follow the black-tie dress code to ensure that you have the most formal looks at the wedding.

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4. Semi-formal or Cocktail 

Semi-formal is currently the most popular dress code for weddings. Men can wear a suit and tie ensemble or a sport coat. For women, it’s super easy, just wear a cocktail dress! The hem of the cocktail dress can range from midi to just above the knee. For formal events, in general, try to wear a dress with a hem that falls at your fingertips or below. Women may also wear formal pantsuits and separates. Men in the bridal party and the groom(s) should wear a suit while women in the bridal party wear a cocktail dress or a slightly less formal floor-length gown. Brides that are hosting a semiformal wedding can still wear a formal wedding gown or they can opt for something playful, like a gown with a high-low hem or a midi-length dress.

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5. Dressy Casual

This dress code is a great option if you are hosting an outdoor wedding but still want it to feel like a formal affair. For a dressy casual wedding, men should wear a sport coat or blazer with khakis or slacks; no tie required. It is still expected that men wear dress shoes or loafers. Women can wear separates or dresses at any hem length and in more casual materials like cotton or linen. For shoes, women should wear heels, wedges, or dressy flats. It is still expected that the bridal party will be the most formal, so the groom(s) and any men in the bridal party may still wear a suit. Bridesmaids can wear anything from a sundress to a less formal floor-length dress. The bride(s) may still wear a formal wedding gown, though some silhouettes lend themselves better to a dressy-casual wedding like A-line and mermaid. Brides hosting a dressy casual wedding may also choose to go with a less formal/traditional look like a pantsuit, jumpsuit, or a cocktail dress.

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6. Casual

A casual dress code can get a little tricky because it truly depends on how casual you want to go. If you are hosting the wedding, it’s a good idea to outline the specifics of the dress code for your guests so they aren’t stressing about being over or underdressed. Typically, a casual dress code means that men don’t need jackets, a nice button-down shirt and khakis or slacks is perfect. If you are getting married outside, maybe on the beach, and you would like to give men the option to wear shorts, make sure to specify that on your invitation. The same goes for sandals. Women can wear separates or sundresses. If you are hosting a casual wedding, linen is always a good look for the men, depending on the season, of course. The women in the bridal party can wear sundresses or casual maxi dresses. A couple hosting a casual wedding may dress a little more formal, with the groom(s) wearing a casual linen suit or sport coat and pants, while the bride still wears a traditional wedding gown with a slim silhouette. Brides hosting a casual wedding may also choose to wear a pantsuit, shorter cocktail dress, or sundress.

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Whatever dress code you and your partner decide to go with remember to outline as much as you can for your guests. It’s not necessary to put it all on the invite, just state the dress code and you can dive into more detail on your wedding website. It’s also a good idea to consult with your wedding planner on this topic. They will have a lot of great advice about which dress codes would coordinate best with your venue and how to word it properly for your guests.

Now that we’ve laid out all of the rules, we just wanted to take a second to remind you that at the end of the day, your wedding is a party–try not to be too much of a stickler when it comes to enforcing the dress code. Just trust your guests to do their best and enjoy the day; it goes by so fast!

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When it came time to read the wedding vows, this bride read her secret husband’s texts instead

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the biggest days of your life. It’s up there with graduating from college and having kids, and it’s meant to signify a new start in life. However, things don’t go always go to plan. You spend so much time preparing for the special day that it’s almost impossible for things to perfectly. That’s the problem with having high expectations, although you’re not exactly going to go in there expecting the worst.

Unfortunately, some weddings are ruined by things far worse than out of place flowers or missing rings. Those things are tiny compared to what one woman went through the night before her big day. She was beyond excited to marry the love of her life, but a couple of strange texts soon changed all that. Faced with a huge decision she didn’t want to make, the bride walked down the aisle looking more like she was at a funeral than a wedding. Before anyone could ask why, though, she revealed the reason in the most shocking fashion.

A confession to make

“If getting married is supposed to be a happy occasion, why do I feel so sad?” That’s probably what was running through this bride’s mind as she saw her fiancé up at the altar.

A confession to make

Mere hours earlier she’d been ready to call that man her husband, but now she wasn’t so sure. Something was eating away at her that she had to get off her chest, and this was the perfect time to do it.

What You Don’t Know About TLC’s ‘Say Yes To The Dress’

One of TLC’s most popular shows is Say Yes to the Dress. It takes place at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan. The employees at the store do whatever they can to satisfy a bride’s every whim. Kleinfeld claims to have the largest selection of wedding dresses on earth, and over 200 employees help brides find the perfect look.

The show mixes fashion with drama and, of course, tales of love. But not everything turns out exactly as you’d expect. There are some behind-the-scenes secrets and other tidbits about the show and the store that may surprise you. Check out some interesting facts about Say Yes to the Dress

If The Gown Doesn’t Fit, Simply Sue

Bride Randi Siegel-Friedman sued New York bridal salon Kleinfeld Bridal (the setting for Say Yes to the Dress) for $12,000 in 2017. She said the boutique refused to give her a refund for a custom-made gown they designed. A few months before the big day, Seigel-Friedman claimed the dress didn’t fit well and the fabric was wrong.



She opted to wear an off-the-rack gown instead. When she went to the bridal boutique to collect her refund, the store refused. So the bride filed a lawsuit. It’s unclear if she received any compensation for the discarded gown.

When a royal wedding makes international headlines

When a royal wedding makes international headlines, the entire event often takes place under the watchful eyes of the public. People are intrigued by modern day royalty, wanting to consume every last detail of the regal event: where the wedding is held, who is in attendance, and more importantly, what the bride’s dress looks like. The wedding gowns of these queens, princesses, and duchesses are one of the main focal points for royal marriages, often becoming design inspirations for the public’s wedding fashions. Read on to see why…

Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms since her accession to the throne in 1952. Before her coronation she was known as Princess Elizabeth.


She married Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947.

Darius Cordell Designer Wedding Dresses

We have specialized in creating custom bridal gowns since 1996. Our creative designer creates any kind of custom gown design for you with all of your preferences in mind. We can work from your descriptions. We can use any of the images you love from the internet as inspiration for your custom dress. Darius Cordell’s team can work from your descriptions to create the style of dress that suits your personality and style.

Darius Cordell Fashion 5

Here are the Reasons Why Custom-Made Wedding Dresses are the Best

Have you ever planned to design your own wedding dress? Actually, many girls have an idea of what they want for their wedding. However, sometimes you are disappointed even after having an exact picture of your dream dress when you cannot find what you are looking for. If that sounds like you, then Darius Cordell Bridal custom-made dresses could be what you need.

Although it takes such a long time to get the dress ready but creating a custom-made dress with the dressmaker is really a fun process. It can be discouraging; how long will it take, how much will it charge, and will it meet the expectations at the end? But any dressmaker value their weight in tulle will be obvious, truthful and able to direct you through the dressmaking process step by step.

Dressmaker at work

Darius Cordell has a great team of designers who can make any kind of dress that you suggest or ask for. You just need to tell what you exactly want and the designers can help you make your dress more beautiful beyond your expectations. Here are a few reasons why custom-made dresses are the best for your wedding. Let’s find out:

The dress was made to fit you and only you

This meant you had no issues with finding a dress that you did not drown in. So, many of the dress styles were not made with anyone like you in mind. There are a lot of issues that you can find while shopping like height, price and more. Hence, its better idea to go for custom made the dress as the dress was stitched according to your exact measurement and you need not worry about alteration and all.


Actually, there is not another wedding dress in the world like yours. There may be a few that are alike, but in real meaning, your dress is unique. You can get many compliments for your wedding dress. A custom made dress represent your attitude, style and a dash of blameless badassery. So, if the dresses in the shops do not speak to your own style, it is advisable to consider having one custom-made for you. You can check Darius Cordell Reviews regarding custom-made dresses to know more about their designs and work.


No worry about the style

This is because the dress designing process is according to your personal style. From the designer dresses to Pinterest pictures, the dress designer pulls from your thoughts to a custom wedding dress. You can discuss necklines, fabrics, sleeves, and silhouettes with your dress designer. Moreover, you can have full control as the dressmaking process unfolds

You get accurately what you want

The best thing about having a custom-made wedding dress or gown is the assurance that you will get something that you exactly wanted.


Wrapping Up

These are a few reasons why you should consider having a custom made wedding dress. So, have you made your mind? If yes, then you must visit the website and check Darius Cordell Designs to know about his teamwork. Darius team can create astonishing wedding dresses regardless of size and weight. Hence, contact these professional designers and get your dream dress ready without any worry!