Here are Some Things to Consider While Looking for a Plus Size Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping can be hectic for any bride, but for plus size bride, it can be actually traumatic. But no worries! Darius Cordell Dresses for brides of any size and shape is the best solution. You can also visit Darius Cordell website in order to know about the incredible creation of his team. In this article, we come up with some points that you need to know about shopping for plus size wedding dresses. Let’s find out:

Find a specialist – It’s necessary to find a specialist or designer who is well versed in plus size dressmaking. You should seek the help of someone who is not only well-informed but also enthusiastic to work with you. One thing to remember is that you are not only paying for the costume but also for the salesperson’s proficiency. Hence, take full benefit and ask ample of questions. Take the advice of your designer as he/she is an expert in their work.

Find a specialist

Get out of your comfort zone – You can check Darius Cordell Reviews if you want to know about other brides experience of ordering online plus size wedding dress. You may be thinking of an A-line silhouette. But if your bridal dress designer suggests a fit and flare that she swears up and down will look stunning on you, then go for it. Actually, he/she is an expert. Hence, keep an open intellect and listen to his/her advice.

Do not worry about the size – Wedding outfits sizes are wacky. In fact, many affordable brands often use street sizes and costly brands use couture sizes. Hence, bridal size will probably be higher than what you would wear in your daily life. This means it’s good to overlook the number completely and focus on the overall look and outfit. So, if you get a gown that helps channel your internal Beyonce, purchase it. No one cares about the number.

about the size.jpg

Go Custom – If you do not get the dress that you want because of your size, that’s why custom made dresses are there. A lot of online stores like  Darius Cordell Fashion website offer custom made outfits in any measurements and for all shapes & sizes. Moreover, you can get the custom made the dress at an affordable price. So, for what are you waiting for? Start researching in order to get your dream wedding dress.

A dress can be customized according to you – Maybe you love sleeveless dresses, but this time you are looking for a dress that is a little modest. The best solution is to add sleeves to your dress. Do not hesitate to inquire about particular alterations and the expenses attached. They should be affordable, so customize away.


Wrapping Up

These are a few things that you should remember while purchasing a plus size wedding dress. There are a lot of online websites that offer custom made bridal dress globally. Darius Cordell Bridal dress specialist is one of the best designers who provide custom plus size wedding dresses. In fact, his team can use any image that you have in order to create a replica of your dream dress. Contact Darius Cordell team today and get the best dress for your wedding.



When to order wedding dresses | Articles

While some couples plan a whirlwind wedding with a four month engagement, most take at least a year or even two to plan the big day. Most brides want to start shopping for that wedding dress as soon as they have a ring on their finger, but how soon is too soon, and how late is too late?

wedding dresses

Here are the answers to some of the common questions brides have about when to order wedding dresses:

When should I order my dress?

Ideally, you should begin looking at dresses twelve to eighteen months before your wedding, with a view to ordering your dress about a year in advance. This will give you plenty of time for alterations to be done thoroughly, and for you to find the right accessories, flowers, and hair style to complement the dress.

Brides buying a dress off the rack will still need to have some alterations done, but they may be able to get away with ordering a dress six to nine months before the wedding; around three months should be scheduled between the first and final fittings to allow time for alterations. Having a dress custom made will take longer, and will require three or four fittings, so a year is advisable.

Brides that are ordering a dress online, or looking for a pre-loved gown should also order a year in advance to give them time to find an alternative if they are disappointed with the gown when it arrives.

If I order it too early will my dress be out of fashion?

Bridal fashion is always a year ahead of itself because brides are expected to order their gowns a year in advance. However, it is true that a whole new range of gowns and styles will be released if you order more than a year before the big day.

If you are really concerned about being in fashion, you should wait until the bridal wear ranges for your wedding season have been revealed, but the changes in wedding gown design from one year to the next aren’t that dramatic, and you can be sure your guests won’t know if you are wearing last year’s dress. If you buy a dress at the end of its season you might even get a discount.

order wedding dresses

Should I wait to order it until after I’ve lost weight?

Many brides want to lose weight before their big day, but waiting to order your dress until you have achieved your dream weight isn’t advisable. Unless you plan really drastic weight loss, you will probably only drop one dress size, and most gowns can be altered to accommodate this.

Even if you lose weight your basic body shape should be the same at your first and final fitting.

Tell the assistant that fits your wedding dress if you plan to lose a lot of weight and they will be able to tell you a date for final alterations. This is usually around six weeks before your wedding, and after this time it will be difficult to have your dress altered to account for further weight loss.

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Contract Points for the Bridal Salon

So what is a wedding dress contract? Well, it’s a document you have to sign with the salon before buying a dress. Since they’re making this dress especially for you, it clearly outlines the details of your purchase. It will include the dress style, the color, the size, the delivery date and any alterations to the original design you’re requesting.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to read the fine print, just like you would any other legal document. We’ve seen wedding dress contracts that state the designer can make alterations to your dress without your consent, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you sign over your rights and hand over your money.

Also, double-check all the information on the salon/dressmaker’s contract. If it contains incorrect information and you sign it, the fault is yours. You could end up getting the wrong wedding dress (or the wrong size or color) and there will be nothing you can do about it.

Depending on your dress and changes you might make to it, there may be extra charges added to your final amount. This is the time to get all these extras listed with the costs.

When you sign the contract, you’ll also need to leave a deposit for the dress. This can vary: Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City, for example, requires a 60 percent deposit to put in the order, and the remaining balance is due when the gown arrives from the designer about eight weeks prior to the wedding date.

Your contract should include all of the following information (don’t forget to double-check for both spelling and accuracy of details):

The Salon

Salon name

Address and phone number

Names of the consultants who assisted you

The Money

Date and time of purchase

Total amount

Extra charges

Amount of deposit (ensure this amount is marked clearly on the salon contract)

Amount still owed

Date balance is to be paid

How many fittings are included in the price (if any)

Cost of each additional fitting

Means of payment

The Dress Details

Designer name

Style number or name


Size/measurements sent to manufacturer

The Follow-Up

Expected delivery date

Date of first fitting

Name of seamstress/tailor

— Jennie Ma

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Wedding Gown: When Should I Start Wedding Dress Shopping? –

Q.In order to get all the details we want on the date we want, my fiance and I are planning a pretty long engagement — almost two years. Unfortunately, I’m already itching to start looking at bridal gowns. Is it too soon to start my wedding dress search?


A.When to begin looking for your wedding gown is entirely up to you. Most brides don’t begin the search until a year to nine months before the wedding, but if you’ve got more time, there’s no reason you can’t use it. If you wind up ordering a custom-made wedding dress from a bridal salon, it can take a while for the dress to arrive and for the store to make alterations, so it pays to give yourself time to shop at a comfortable pace and leave plenty of leeway for preparations.The downside? If you buy a wedding gown now, you will need to store it (which could be a pain if you’ve got a full skirt and a studio apartment!). You may be able to have it stored at your seamstress’ or at the salon though, so be sure to ask about this possibility. Also, know that if you choose a wedding dress now, a whole new wave of gowns will come out next year (what if you find something you like better?). If you do decide to delay, you can plan to save money during the first year of your engagement so that when the time comes, you can shop for your dream wedding dress without financial stress.

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Wedding Articles & Tips – Shopping For A Wedding Dress

Not only are there are a variety of beautiful wedding dress styles available to suit your wedding theme and body, there are many amazing bridal couturiers and even more retail bridal shops to choose from. Selecting the right dress for you can become overwhelming.

Shopping for a wedding dress should be fun, so it’s important that one of the first things you should decide on is whether to have a one-of-a-kind wedding dress created for you or to purchase a ready-to-wear wedding dress. There are differences to consider when selecting between a couture or ready-to-wear wedding dress, so read on to be in the know …

Creation. A couture wedding dress is made to measure – its one-of-a-kind design is as unique as the bride. It is made specifically for the bride via extensive personal consultation and a series of fittings. Ready-to-wear wedding gowns are a popular choice with many brides, as the bride-to-be can immediately try on the wedding dress and see the finished product.

Quality & Workmanship. Couture gowns are usually made from quality natural fabrics such as silk. Ready-to-wear wedding dresses are generally produced from more economical fabrics such as synthetics. The difference between natural and synthetic fabrics is in the look and feel of the wedding gown. Shop around as more and more ready-to-wear bridal houses are introducing finer quality fabrics into their collections. The distinctive characteristic of a couture gown is the finish. Couture gowns are intricately detailed, painstakingly made and perfectly finished. They can take anywhere from 40-50 hours to produce. The seams and hems of couture gowns are hand-finished, smooth, invisible and comfortable against the skin. Some ready-to-wear manufacturers glue beads onto the dress instead of sewing them in and machine sew the hems. These little things are what take a wedding dress from lovely to amazing – it’s all in the fine details.

Design Choice & Fit. The sky is the limit with couture wedding gowns. They are a piece of art, sculpted exclusively to fit the bride’s curves like a glove. Couture gowns open up a world of fabrics, colours and embellishments to select from. Ready-to-wear selections are limited to the designs available for sale in the retail store, with many stores generally only carrying a number of designs from each collection. Ready-to-wear wedding dresses are like fashion, they are made to standard sizes. Whilst they may fit those brides-to-be that fall into the ‘standard’ size range, more often than not alterations are still required to ‘take-in’, ‘let-out’, shorten or lengthen different areas. Alterations to ready-to-wear wedding dresses do add to the cost of the dress, so be mindful of how much you need altered and how much you would like to change. Changing the neckline, adding beading or sleeve length all add to the cost, so that couture gown may not end up being that much more expensive if you are making several changes to a ready-to-wear gown.

Price. Couture gowns are generally priced between $3500 and $8000, although many cost $10,000 +. The average price of a ready-to-wear wedding dress is around $1500 – $2000. When you consider the individuality and workmanship of a one-of-a-kind designer wedding gown, if you can afford it, it’s the one to go with. If not, shop around as the quality and designs of some of the better ready-to-wear boutiques come very close to the couture wedding gowns, without the high price tag.

Whether you purchase your wedding dress off-the-rack, or have it made by a couturier, is a decision that only you can make, however make your decision sooner rather than later and the rest will fall into place.

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Bridal Gown Shopping Tips : Bride & Groom :

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding is selecting “the perfect gown,” that makes you feel really special. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or if you’re beginning your search with little more than a general idea, there are several things you should consider before purchasing your gown. Your gown should reflect your personality, taste and style. Be sure to try on as many different styles as possible. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Choosing the perfect gown should be fun! Take a camera along, just in case permission is granted and you can take a photo of the gowns you like. Having a picture, “in hand,” will be helpful in making your final choice. Listen to others, but don’t be pressured into buying a gown that you do not “love”. When you find the “perfect gown,” buy it. Period . . . End of story . . . Stop looking. Whether shopping with your mom, best friend or alone, it will be helpful for you to have an understanding of the type of gowns and what may look best on your body type.

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Plus-size Brides: 5 Tips To Looking And Feeling Your Best On Your Big Day |

Plus-sized. It’s a phrase that’s used a lot to define women who wear clothing in the double-digits. Although personally, we have to admit that we prefer words like voluptuous, curvaceous and… stacked. So, if you’re a woman who fits nicely into this demographic, then automatically, you can get excited about just how stunning you’re going to look on your wedding day. Simply by being you.

But if you would like a few tips on things that you can do that will help you to look and feel your absolute best in your dress, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got five proven tips to help you feel and look your best on your big day.

Choose a dress that best complements you
It’s one thing to look at a wedding dress in a magazine and like it, but in order to know if it will look beautiful on you, you should definitely try it on first. And while you’re shopping for one, we feel that it’s a good idea to keep in mind what best complements a plus-sized bride. An A-line skirt offers a flattering silhouette, an empire-gown provides a waistline that falls right below the bust and if you want to be a sexy bride, don’t hesitate to try on a couple of sheath dresses—they are designed in such a way that they are fitted from top to bottom and will show off all of the right things while camouflaging areas that you don’t want to be seen. As far as the kinds of fabrics that work best, blended silk, charmeuse and organza are all truly elegant.

“Build” on the right foundation
Honestly, no matter what size a bride is, she should make sure that she has the right foundation; however, this is especially important if you are a plus-size bride. So, from your bra to your girdle/Spanx to anything else that you’re planning to wear under your gown, make sure that it gives you plenty of support, makes you feel comfortable and looks virtually seamless under your dress.

Don’t be shy with your bust line
If you happen to be a woman who has a full bust, don’t be shy about showing it off. Sweetheart necklines can be absolute show-stoppers, especially if you complement it with a fabulous gemstone necklace.

Get your dress altered
Sometimes a bride can look larger in a dress than she actually is simply because she failed to alter her gown. For most women, losing at least a few pounds before her wedding day is a priority and even five pounds can make a dress fit in a different kind of way. That’s why it’s important to have a formal fitting of your dress as little as 7-10 days before your wedding day to see if any last minute-alterations are needed.

Don’t forget about your hair
This last tip actually has nothing, and also everything, to do with your dress. Being that you want to look stunning from head-to-toe, have fun with your hair. Many stylists recommend that plus-sized brides get their hair cut in layers while adding some highlights to it. By finishing the look off with some flowing waves, you can look picture perfect and also unforgettable to your groom.

As you’re getting ready for your wedding day, remember that being an incredible-looking bride has nothing to do with size. It’s all about finding what works best for you and then…working it!

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Wedding dress trends from Bridal Market | Perfect Wedding Guide

Brides-to-be who are planning a wedding are likely thrilled to choose that perfect, beautiful wedding dress. Before hitting that first boutique, some may be interested in the latest fashions and trends, and the . Brides can get plenty of inspiration from the Bridal Market in New York, an event that took place last week and features the best wedding dress designers. According to The Huffington Post, many of the designers shared their viewpoints on their collection and the latest trends after the show.The iconic Monique Lhuillier mixed elegance and romance in her collection with floral appliques, lace and various embroideries. Lhuillier talked all about her designs, and how some could easily transfer into two looks.”I think the overskirt is going to be a very popular accessory,” Lhuillier told the news outlet. “These girls love to transform their gowns, so this is just having two looks in one night. All of the overskirts [on my dresses] come off, so you can have two looks.”Fashion designer Vatana Watters said one of the biggest trends she has seen is women shying away from the everyday strapless gown and opting for different varieties in necklines.”One [trend] that kind of stands out is the ladylike look, versus the daring, the overt,” Watters told the news source. “[That translates into] more varied necklines, even though over 70 percent of the girls wear strapless dresses. But with the ladylike look, you’ll see the bateau, the capped sleeve, the V-neck – so you’ll see more variety of necklines. I think that’s something that’s going to be very important and continuing for the next season.”Reem Acra brought her capped sleeves to the runway, and she believes this will continue to be a hit in the bridal world for the seasons to come, the media outlet reports.According to Women’s Wear Daily, other collections that brides were eagerly waiting to see included Vera Wang, who was all about the drama with high-volume cascading tiers and elaborate lace. Also, Amsale Aberra for Kenneth Pool kicked up the glamour with trumpet dresses and dramatic ballgowns, whereas Claire Pettibone went for elegance and a subtle beauty. Pettibone also believes that this designs with romantic lace and delicate sashes will be the new trend of the upcoming year.”I would say a little bit of modesty is happening, an understated quality, but still very opulent and beautiful,” she told HuffPost.

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Customer Service Post for Darius Cordell Couture Designs Inc – Evening Gowns & Mother of Bride Dresses

Selling plus size evening gowns, wedding dresses, mother of the bride ball gowns and plus size bridal gowns

Hi David, I love it! The gown is simply wonderful. It was an exact fit and the workmanship was exquisite. I  absolutely consider you my designer of choice and will not hesitate to order from you in the future. If anyone needs a reference, you are free to direct them to me.


Donna Triplett
Milwaukee , WI

As for the tuxedo style gown we got in a 14, it was beautiful, we loved it, ……she wore it for “Luck be A Lady”, with a black fedora, and it looked fabulous….the work is beautiful


Clare Henkel
withThe Indianapolis Symphony
Indianapolis, IN

The sketch is what I had understood the fabrics would be. The construction of the dress is exactly how I had pictured it–and it is beautiful.


Thanks for the help,
Euless, TX

The dress worked out perfectly. It was a size to big, but my tailor did a great job sizing it for me.

Laura DuBose

It is magnificent!! And a perfect fit! I’m totally in love with it! Even my Brazilian fancy shoes are a perfect match for my beautiful dress!  I just had to send you the pictures that my husband took of me, yesterday.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Giselle – Calgary Alberta – Canada

I found the info on your Q&A page easy to understand and sufficient; thank you for that as well.

Friederike Bohlken

Youtube Video – Bridal / Wedding – Darius Cordell Couture Designs Inc

Couture Bridal Gowns Wedding Dresses Darius Cordell Designs

The Darius Cordell Couture Company produces made to order wedding gowns and bridal dresses. Plus size petite or any measurement you may need.

All darius cordell inc designs can be made in all color(s), whatever fabric a client request if there is a preference, in any measurements needed and with absolutely any changes to the design that a client may want or need.

To see the entire collection of Darius Cordell designs please go to for more info.

The Staff of Darius Cordell Couture