Wedding Dress Trends for Bridals for spring 2019

Have you got engaged? Are you in the throes of marriage planning? Or have you started marriage shopping? If so, you want to be up on the modern wedding outfit trends says Darius Cordell Bridal. Gone are the days of a newlywed only having 4 silhouettes and 5 manufactures to select from when dressing for her marriage; these options, albeit fashion risk-taking, are bold choices without feeling near to outfit. If you’re planning a spring 2019 wedding, here are the dress trends for warm weather weddings:

  1. Bold Blooms: While petit fleurs dotted costumes are famous last year, designers chosen for a lusher take on florals this spring (2019). Rather than selecting a huge bouquet, stylists prefer the notion of flowers taking center stage–from embellished versions to luxurious appliqués. When adapting this fashion, keep the flora and fauna minimal away. You should also avoid wearing flower crown and buy a little nosegay for your clutch.


2.  Oversized Bows: Bow for bridals? It sounds odd but this is a fresh and unexpected     trend from Darius Cordell Fashion for 2019. While in the earlier trimmings and waistlines were ornamented with this masculine touch, 2019 seems to opt hot add-ons–and for these fastenings to become pivotal points rather than finishing.

3.  Ruffles Galore: Whether you are after this appearance in the form of a flamenco-  stylishness silhouette, a tiered petticoat-enthused skirt, a design element that helps eyes steadily work their way down your desirable frame or a single, perturbs are going nowhere anytime shortly. Seen in uncountable repetitions in the newest collections, these super-femme stratums are as nifty as they are voluminous. Moreover, these costumes permit brides to discover their chic within the possibility of a fashion-forward trend. You can also check Darius Cordell Reviews in order to know more about the latest bridal dresses for spring 2019.



4. Jumpsuits: The jumpsuits have taken a more personalized, sophisticated turn this spring. These smithereens are no longer just erotic looks for the after event, but shrill enough for a public ceremony, practice dinner or commitment party. Before making a complete marriage cupboard of costumes and gowns, follow this trend, which is just as modernized, feminine and graceful as a silky sheath.


5. Completely White: While all-over edging, loads of lace and boundless appliqués have their place, this year showcased more and more absolutely simple gowns that still manage a wow factor merely based on fashion and silhouette. From slip costumes to super-full and covered skirts, most stylists comprised an elegy to unfussiness in their assortments this spring, leaving brides the capability to retain things modest and classy without the requirement for added glamour.


These are some wedding dresses that you can consider for your wedding this spring. You can visit Darius Cordell Bridal dress website in order to get the wedding dress of your dreams.


Every Dress You Need From ASOS For All Those Fall Weddings

Expect wedding season to go beyond Summer, as the trend to have a romantic Fall reception is only increasing. Instead of using one of your Summer dresses that you’ve exhausted this season, get something new. ASOS is always a favorite because you can get a piece that is easy to wear and won’t break the bank. Shifting seasons is all about finding cool new shades and prints that you can’t wait to show off. Check out some of our top picks that are perfect for your next glam event.

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What They Wore – Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Wedding season is upon us. Whether you’re the mother of the bride or the groom, you’ll find inspiration from this week’s readers who sent these fabulous photos.


Something Chic

Your son or daughter’s wedding day is your day to shine too. Choosing a figure flattering outfit in colors that bring out your best features is the key. For the wedding of her daughter, Julie wore this gorgeous ruched dress in a deep, beautiful midnight blue.

This dress complements Julie in every way possible. The cut is ideal for her body type, and the color of the dress is a nice match to Julie’s skin tone. This dress is stunning, Julie.

mother of the bride suit
Something Custom

When considering mother of the bride outfits, your first thought is likely to be a dress. But many women don’t like dresses or just aren’t comfortable in a dress. For those women, dressy pants or a pantsuit are perfectly acceptable. Mother of the bride, Margy, chose a jacket and pants combination for her daughter’s California wedding.

She paired her lovely French silk brocade jacket with a pair of Dupioni silk pants. And to make her outfit even more special and memorable, she created it herself! Margy is a seamstress, and she put her master skills in action to create her MOB outfit. She used a Guy Laroche pattern for the jacket and a custom-designed pattern for the silk pants. So elegant, Margy.

Something Unique

For Megan’s daughter’s wedding in Queensland, Australia in May, she knew she wanted something a bit different from the usual MOB dresses. Although she didn’t have a specific vision in her head, she knew she would know “the one” when she saw it. Megan found the perfect dress while browsing online.

As it turned out, the dress Megan chose couldn’t have been more suitable. The weather was unseasonably warm for May in Australia, and Megan didn’t need a sweater that would have concealed parts of this pretty and delicate lace dress.
Something Blue

A mother of the bride dress should be attention grabbing without being too overly stated. For her daughter’s special day, California native Pamela chose a rich cobalt blue dress with an embellished waist. Pamela’s bold color choice was a perfect match for her silver heels and jewelry.

Mother Of The Bride ebookPam’s bold dress pops without taking any focus off the bride. This is a beautiful color on you, Pamela. For more secrets to looking fabulous when you are the mother of the bride or groom, pick up a copy of my eBook “Mother of the Bride”.

Do you have a favorite outfit that makes you look and feel great? Are you a fashion blogger or do you have a favorite 40+ fashion blogger that you would like to see featured here? Feel free to share your photos with my Fabulous After 40 readers on next week’s What I Wore.

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Couple Who Divorced After 23 Years Get Married Again 23 Years Later

A couple who split after 23 years of marriage have tied the knot again… 23 years later. Roz and Ian Ellis from Aberdeen have just got married for the second time, almost 50 years after their first wedding. The couple met in Lanarkshire in Scotland in January 1967 and married a year later. However, after having three sons (Ian, Stewart and Ewan) and eight grandchildren, the couple divorced in 1991. Both remarried – but remained friends – and two years ago they rekindled their romance after both their partners passed away. The couple married for the second time in Aberdeen on January 3, having reignited their relationship after attending their son Stewart’s wedding in 2013. Roz, 66, a former medical secretary, described how she and former teacher Ian, 71, got back together. “Our eldest Ian and his family live in Tasmania, so when they came over for Stewart’s wedding they stayed with Ian,” she said. “Ian and I saw a lot of each other while they were here, as I was always popping over to see the kids. “After Ian and the family went home, I just carried on popping over. “We’d go out to the theatre, out for dinner, on holidays – and it sort of blossomed from there. “We waited a while to tell people, but I think my son Ian had his suspicions at the wedding that there might be a spark between us again.” At the second wedding, eldest son Ian was his father’s best man while son Stewart gave Roz away. Roz said: “Our first wedding was a big traditional affair, so we didn’t feel the need to do it again – we decided to keep it quite low-key with our family and friends. “Everyone said it was such a lovely romantic story – I never thought we’d get married again, but I’m so happy that we did. “I kept my original wedding ring, so I used it again this time round – Ian hadn’t though, so maybe he’s not quite as sentimental as me! “It’s like we’ve come full circle.”

Source: Couple Who Divorced After 23 Years Get Married Again 23 Years Later

Where to Shop for Plus Size Clothing in Dallas, Texas

A city as fashionable as Dallas is bound to have a few great boutiques specializing in plus size clothes. At the outset it may seem a bit of a challenge to track them down. The following listings have retail stores in the area, and many of them also have online boutiques to make life a little easier for you (no one can resist the allure of online shopping, after all). Here’s where to get started – and what you’ll find in each.

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Five Popular Plus Size Stores in Dallas

1. Ashley Stewart

With locations in Valley View Mall, Red Bird Towers Shopping Center, Southtown Shopping Center and Wynnewood Village, as well as areas of Houston, Beaumont and Balch Springs, it’s likely you’ll find an Ashley Stewart location nearby. If not, you can shop online – and you’ll definitely want to, given the store’s ample selection of plus size clothing in sizes 12-26. You’ll find everything from the basics (tops, bottoms, denim and dresses) and career-wear to shape-wear and hosiery. The Butterfly collection, inspired by singer Jill Scott in collaboration with Ashley Stewart, is an exclusive collection of intimate apparel for plus size women.

2. Bodacious Boutique

With such a fun, bold name (and a colorful website to match), it’s no wonder the Bodacious Boutique is such a hot spot. The store, located in North Dallas, specializes in unique plus size clothing, as well as chic accessories, all designed to flatter the full-figured woman. If you can’t make it to the store, visit the website site frequently to check out the “Deal of the Week” and the regularly updated clearance sections. It’s easy to shop by designer, too, so if there’s a particular make that suits you especially well, you can narrow your selection down immediately.

3. Darius Cordell Couture

Located in Dallas, Darius Cordell Couture specializes in elegant special occasion dresses. Choose from a wide selection of in-stock gowns, or consider a made-to-order gown if you have a specific design in mind. The “contact us” form on the Web site allows shoppers to fill in details like preferred style and size (there is an “Over 16” option). If you’re interested in visiting the store, send a message via the contact form to schedule an appointment.

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4. Kathleen Sommers

Another place you’ll want to visit is Kathleen Sommers, a store specializing in contemporary, elegant attire for women. Women’s sizes range from 0 to 3X, and the Web site offers a helpful size chart to make online shopping easier. The Kathleen Sommers line can be found at several locations in Dallas, including Bodacious Boutique, Outfitters of Little Fork, Canal Clothing and Mdc Gift Shop.

5. Larger Than Life

Larger Than Life specializes in new and barely used clothing and accessories in sizes 12 and up. It is the only boutique of its kind in Dallas, and the selection is vast and versatile. Whether you’re shopping for a glamorous evening dress for that special occasion or a comfortable robe to keep you cozy during a chilly winter, you’ll probably find it here. Racks and racks of clothes abound, as well as a selection of shoes in sizes 6-14, in medium and wide widths. The store carries a wide range of beloved labels, and new merchandise is hung up every day. Take your time – the boutique is full of treasures, and shopping here is a great way to build a stylish wardrobe full of clothing that truly fits and flatters your figure.

Some Helpful Tips

When shopping for plus size fashions, Dallas, Texas offers a great many options. As always, though, it’s helpful to try clothes on before you purchase them, although you can almost always get away with placing an online order if you’re familiar with the sizing and cut of a particular designer. Take a look at each retailer’s return and/or exchange policy to ensure that you won’t have any problems should you need to take the item in question back.

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Best Outfits to Wear For Instagram Pictures | POPSUGAR Fashion

Even if you’re not a fashion blogger with thousands of trusty Instagram followers, you want to look your best on social media. No surprise, it all starts with your outfit. How do you think all of your favorite street style stars rack up so many likes on their photos? Turns out, there’s a method to the madness.Researchers at University of Toronto compiled information from #OOTD site and arrived at a formula for the ultimate outfit success: select pastel shades or black separates — whether fancy or casual-chic — and your go-to accessories, including sunglasses, a bag, and heels, and then find a bold background to stand in front of.When you’ve checked all of these items off your list, your ensemble has the potential to become a viral hit. On that note, read on to see 17 Instagram looks that are totally #winning — at least, according to science.

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