14 Signs Wedding Planning Is Taking Over Your Life

From the time you get engaged until your walk down the aisle, your brain will be full of wedding planning details. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all, but it’s important to not let it consume you—your engagement is supposed to be a happy time! Here’s how to tell if wedding planning has taken over your life.

1. You skip happy hour with your co-workers because you need to watch the latest SYTTD episode for wedding dress inspiration.

2. Working out feels like a vacation because you knows it’s at least an hour of your life not spent wedding planning.

3. The choice between crossback and chiavari chairs feels like the hardest decision of your life.

4. You’ve set weather.com as your homepage and check the forecast for your wedding date every single morning, resulting in a daily panic attack.

5. The last fight you had with your significant other was about your wedding hashtag (PS: solve that problem here!)

6. You’ve developed strong, passionate feelings for color coordinating everything (down to the groomsmen’s socks).

7. Your maid-of-honor has stopped answering your phone calls because she doesn’t want to hear about your wedding favor drama for the 57th time.

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8. Your phone buzzes every 30 minutes with selfies from your mother-in-law asking if you approve of her dress.

9. You’ve temporarily replaced your daily venti triple caramel macchiato with generic instant coffee all in the name of your honeymoon fund.

10. You’ve considered inviting the UPS delivery guy to your wedding because he’s at your house so often delivering packages filled with last-minute wedding purchases.

11. You completely spaced out during a work meeting because you were too busy doodling your new last name.

12. Your most-played songs on iTunes are all sappy love songs because you cannot for the life of you pick a first dance song.

13. You don’t know what’s going on in your parents’ lives despite talking to them daily because your conversations only revolve around table linens, appetizer options, and ceremony music.

14. You talk to your wedding planner more often than you talk to your fiancé(e), and you live together.

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Wedding dress trends from Bridal Market | Perfect Wedding Guide

Brides-to-be who are planning a wedding are likely thrilled to choose that perfect, beautiful wedding dress. Before hitting that first boutique, some may be interested in the latest fashions and trends, and the . Brides can get plenty of inspiration from the Bridal Market in New York, an event that took place last week and features the best wedding dress designers. According to The Huffington Post, many of the designers shared their viewpoints on their collection and the latest trends after the show.The iconic Monique Lhuillier mixed elegance and romance in her collection with floral appliques, lace and various embroideries. Lhuillier talked all about her designs, and how some could easily transfer into two looks.”I think the overskirt is going to be a very popular accessory,” Lhuillier told the news outlet. “These girls love to transform their gowns, so this is just having two looks in one night. All of the overskirts [on my dresses] come off, so you can have two looks.”Fashion designer Vatana Watters said one of the biggest trends she has seen is women shying away from the everyday strapless gown and opting for different varieties in necklines.”One [trend] that kind of stands out is the ladylike look, versus the daring, the overt,” Watters told the news source. “[That translates into] more varied necklines, even though over 70 percent of the girls wear strapless dresses. But with the ladylike look, you’ll see the bateau, the capped sleeve, the V-neck – so you’ll see more variety of necklines. I think that’s something that’s going to be very important and continuing for the next season.”Reem Acra brought her capped sleeves to the runway, and she believes this will continue to be a hit in the bridal world for the seasons to come, the media outlet reports.According to Women’s Wear Daily, other collections that brides were eagerly waiting to see included Vera Wang, who was all about the drama with high-volume cascading tiers and elaborate lace. Also, Amsale Aberra for Kenneth Pool kicked up the glamour with trumpet dresses and dramatic ballgowns, whereas Claire Pettibone went for elegance and a subtle beauty. Pettibone also believes that this designs with romantic lace and delicate sashes will be the new trend of the upcoming year.”I would say a little bit of modesty is happening, an understated quality, but still very opulent and beautiful,” she told HuffPost.

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Karl Lagerfeld shows support for gay marriage through fashion show | Perfect Wedding Guide

Chanel fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld recently sent two models down the runway for Paris Grand Palais fashion show this past Tuesday, and both were wearing a beautiful wedding dress. Many assumed he sent both models down the runway at the same time in order to show his support for legalizing gay marriage, according to The Associated Press. President of France, Francois Hollande, plans to legalize gay marriage, but many people in France do not agree with the decision and are protesting against it. During the fashion show, Lagerfeld had the women hold hands as they strutted on the catwalk, the media outlet reports. When asked if he was using lesbian couture in order to show his support to gay marriage, and he was quick to answer. “Of course it was.” Lagerfeld told The Associated Press. “I don’t even understand the debate. Since 1904 [in France] the church and state have been separate,” Lagerfeld told The Associated Press. He went on to say that people who consider marriage as a sacred religious experience should get married wherever they deem fit but that everyone should be able to support gay marriage, regardless of personal beliefs.

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