AP PHOTOS: At the Met Gala – Entertainment – NZ Herald News

NEW YORK (AP) ” Deep reds and shimmery golds dominated as celebrities attending the annual Met Gala on Monday embraced this year’s inspiration: the massive exhibition “China: Through the Looking Glass,” a look at Chinese fashion through the ages.

Anna Wintour wore a Chanel floral gown in keeping with the theme as she walked up the stairs to kick off the gala that raises millions for her museum namesake: the Anna Wintour Costume Center.

Celebrity guests included Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington and Katie Holmes.


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Different Types of Bridal Lace Used for Wedding Dresses

The Different Types of Bridal Lace

Re-embroidered Alencon: One of the most popular types of lace for weddings. It is also one of the most expensive. Re-embroidered Alencon lace is embroidered Chantilly lace. It is a heavy duty type of lace; capable of handling large quantities of crystal, glass and beaded embellishments.

Chantilly: Features flowers and ribbons on plain netting or organza. This is the most inexpensive type of lace made.

Duchesse: Belgian lace , made in Brussels and named after Marie-Henriette, Duchess of Brabant. She was also later queen of the Belgians. It is a bobbin lace motif.

Guipure: A Needlepoint lace made with a heavy buttonhole machine stitch. The motif pattern lay-out is on a coarse mesh net. A French bobbin lace.

Ribbon: A cord of ribbon is used to draw and tie together two opposite edges at random over netting or mesh.

Schiffli: This lace is a type of embroidery, which is made by modern machines now but, evolved from the hand version of yesteryears.

Spanish: Is a Venetian needlepoint lace. The Spaniards imported this lace from Italy in the 1700’s. Designed with flat roses on a tulled-mesh background.

Venetian: Otherwise known as Venetian needlepoint lace. The motif of this lace is a combination of acute-angled points, individually worked separately, then linked together by a narrow band or “footing” stitching, with buttonholing.

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5 Ways NOT To Embarrass Yourself On The Dance Floor

If you were to predict the worst case scenario guests will remember most about your wedding, what would it be? Perhaps when the mini chicken BBQ cornbread muffins and signature rum punch drinks ran dry. Or when the DJ had to cut the music during your first dance because you didn’t know the choreography. Likely the latter! Don’t fear your feet—here are five ways NOT to embarrass yourself on the dance floor:

Hire an instructor

This is not a time to “wing” it. Sure, you can step from side to side, but that will lead you going round and round like an amusement park ride. You are bound to get light headed, especially if you haven’t had dinner yet. Find a vendor on WeddingWire that can provide this service as well as a specific style you want to learn more about. A few examples include: tango, ballroom, salsa, swing, waltz, and/ or rumba.

Create a list of songs

Once you have chosen the above, you can start searching for songs. Listen to our newly-created Spotify playlist of 60 first dance songs that should be overplayed. No matter how lovey-dovey it is (cue John Legend’s “All of Me”), it will bring the crowd to a tearful standing ovation, without a doubt. And leave you wishing you had re-applied lip gloss after all that clinking of champagne flutes.

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Practice, practice, practice

Yes, you have to bring your shoes to your final dress fitting appointment, but you will also have to wear them during date nights. Who knows when and where you will get to practice? Kidding, it will end up being in privacy of your home with no one watching.

Under-indulge in libations

The general rule of thumb is one, okay, maybe two, drinks before the walk down the aisle to calm any nervous jitters. However, keep in mind that does not give you the green light to consume massive amounts of concoctions during cocktail hour. You have a schedule to stick to with a performance starting at exactly seven o’clock, which means that you cannot trip over your train. You bet you should bustle it!

Avoid awkward moves

Although you are surrounded by your closest family and friends, it still should be kept PG-13 rated. Consider that there are all ages, from the flower girl to great grandma and grandpa. Break out the sprinkler and shopping cart with your sorority sisters, while don’t break out the grind or twerk with your husband. Tip: your reception is not a reckless night club.

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14 Signs Wedding Planning Is Taking Over Your Life

From the time you get engaged until your walk down the aisle, your brain will be full of wedding planning details. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all, but it’s important to not let it consume you—your engagement is supposed to be a happy time! Here’s how to tell if wedding planning has taken over your life.

1. You skip happy hour with your co-workers because you need to watch the latest SYTTD episode for wedding dress inspiration.

2. Working out feels like a vacation because you knows it’s at least an hour of your life not spent wedding planning.

3. The choice between crossback and chiavari chairs feels like the hardest decision of your life.

4. You’ve set weather.com as your homepage and check the forecast for your wedding date every single morning, resulting in a daily panic attack.

5. The last fight you had with your significant other was about your wedding hashtag (PS: solve that problem here!)

6. You’ve developed strong, passionate feelings for color coordinating everything (down to the groomsmen’s socks).

7. Your maid-of-honor has stopped answering your phone calls because she doesn’t want to hear about your wedding favor drama for the 57th time.

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8. Your phone buzzes every 30 minutes with selfies from your mother-in-law asking if you approve of her dress.

9. You’ve temporarily replaced your daily venti triple caramel macchiato with generic instant coffee all in the name of your honeymoon fund.

10. You’ve considered inviting the UPS delivery guy to your wedding because he’s at your house so often delivering packages filled with last-minute wedding purchases.

11. You completely spaced out during a work meeting because you were too busy doodling your new last name.

12. Your most-played songs on iTunes are all sappy love songs because you cannot for the life of you pick a first dance song.

13. You don’t know what’s going on in your parents’ lives despite talking to them daily because your conversations only revolve around table linens, appetizer options, and ceremony music.

14. You talk to your wedding planner more often than you talk to your fiancé(e), and you live together.

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5 wedding ‘staples’ to skip – Yahoo Finance Canada

The save the dates are in and the invitations on their way. In just a few short weeks, wedding season will be in full swing, along with the stress of the average $31,213 price tag for the happy couple and $592 average cost for guests. That’s according to the annual wedding report from The Knot and a recent survey by American Express.

With weddings and pre-wedding events already crowding the planner pages of every other spring and summer weekend, it’s time to think budget. Every year, the same financial concerns come up, and despite the whispered misgivings of the budget-conscious and financially-strapped, the unreasonable wedding culture continues. Even the most grounded and low-key brides-to-be eventually fall prey to the hysteria of wedding mania, as the most frugal guests get caught up in unreasonable expectations and fears of violating misguided laws of etiquette.

Social, cultural and familial precedents, along with high emotions and unrealistic expectations set by media and pop culture, fuel the continuous escalation of a simple celebration into a high-cost, high-stress event.

What the wedding industry seems to be suffering from is a gross lack of perspective. Practices that are completely and entirely optional have become thought of as must-have staples, driving many couples either further into debt or farther from major financial goals such as buying a home or starting a family.

While every bride and groom will have his or her own priorities when it comes to planning the big day, it helps to start with the bare bones of what’s required — a marriage license and officiant. Remembering that everything else is optional might help infuse a long overdue dose of reason into the wedding industry.

Here are some prime examples of optional wedding rituals turned overblown staples that you might be better off without.

The engagement ring: After the reception, the engagement ring is the second biggest wedding expense, coming in at an average of $5,598 in 2013. What couples seem to have forgotten is that it’s the commitment to marry that makes them engaged, not the money spent on a piece of jewelry that will become redundant once wedding bands are exchanged.

The standard three months’ salary spent on a ring could be used to fund so many alternate, shared endeavors, such as furnishing a home or kick starting future college saving. Buying into an artificially controlled diamond supply will not make your love or relationship any more valuable, but it certainly can result in a significant hit to your net worth.

The pricey wedding dress. You don’t have to skip the dress entirely, but you can certainly pass on the several thousand-dollar price tag. Wedding dresses are for one day only. Affordable alternatives can be found online, through resale sites and dress rental companies. You might even be able to borrow a dress from a family member or close friend.

Paper: It’s the thick of the digital age and despite a slight decline in average spending on invites, the 2014 mean price tag still sat at $439. Given the ubiquity of digital correspondence, including five different pieces of paper in one invitation that already references an online website for more information seems awful wasteful, both financially and environmentally.

Pre-wedding events: What started as a singular precursor to the big day has evolved into an engagement party, lingerie party, spa day, bachelorette party and goodness knows what else, each with its own set of commitments and fiscal expectations. The tab for these cumulative events tacked onto wedding day costs can easily soar into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Add to that a destination event, an increasingly common choice among couples, and you can pretty much count on kissing at least one of your personal financial goals goodbye.

Gifts: With so much spending required for guests to simply attend nuptial celebrations, a return to “presence as the present” might be in order. The $592 average cost of attendance doesn’t even include gifts that often follow the misguided “cover the cost of your plate” myth — easily tacking on an extra hundred bucks or two. As the etiquette experts say, an invitation is not an invoice. Give in line with your budget and in a way that makes for you and your relationship with the happy couple.

A wedding is a celebration, and stressing over overblown costs is a total buzz kill. It’s time to strip away the many so-called staples and redefine weddings, building from the ground up, prioritizing what’s most important. While expectations and emotions run high, you can stay grounded in your fiscal reality by connecting with what’s ultimately the most important part of your big day — your new relationship.

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Darius Cordell | Fashion Blog: Darius Cordell – Honest and Verifyable Customer Reviews

Darius Cordell | Fashion Blog: Darius Cordell – Honest and Verifyable Customer Reviews.

Unique Bridesmaid Outfit Ideas | POPSUGAR Fashion

For fashion girls, bridesmaid dresses can be somewhat of a nightmare. Overpriced identical gowns that you’ll most likely wear once then shove in the way back of your closet? No, thank you. Yet when it comes time for your own big day, it’s easy to fall victim to the same ol’ tradition. Sure, you can opt for different strap styles, stick to a single shade, or accessorize to your heart’s content, but no matter what you do, there’s no disguising the fact that a bridesmaid dress is a bridesmaid dress.

But what if it wasn’t? What if you dressed your girls in something else entirely — like tulle skirts, pants, or simple yet vibrant cocktail dresses? It would be easy on their wallets and make your wedding stand out from the rest (not to mention Jenna Lyons did it). Keep scrolling to gather some inspiration on how to give your wedding some flair with unique bridesmaid outfits. See ya never, empire-waisted taffeta monstrosity.

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